Repair Fiberglass All by Yourself!

To repair fiberglass, the materials that we will need include fiberglass fabric, razor, dewaxing solvent, grinder, tape, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, fiberglass mat, polyester resin, gel coat, and resin roller.

The first step on how to repair fiberglass is to find where the damaged is because there are damages that can’t be seen outright by the naked eye. There are times when the fiberglass has to be tapped using a hard tool in order to determine the damage. Fiberglass without damage will sound tight when tapped while the one with damage will have a dull sound.

Second, repairing fiberglass should start from the inside so that the outside will look seamless.

The third step on how to repair fiberglass is to remove the damaged area and then a taper should be created with the use of a grinder. Doing so will allow the repair to be more effective.

The fourth step is to use a dewaxing solvent to treat the exterior part of the hole. This is important in strengthening the bond when the new fiberglass is applied.

The fifth step on how to repair fiberglass is to use paste wax in coating the area surrounding the hole. Then, a waxed backer must be taped or screwed to the hole’s bottom part. Next, a gel coat should be used in coating the waxed backer. This is where the repair really starts.

The next step is to cut out fiberglass mat and fiberglass fabric, following the size of the hole. The mat should be two layers and must be placed first to cover the hole followed by the fabric. This process should be repeated until the desired thickness is met.

The hole should now be patched using epoxy or polyester resin as this will also allow the mat and fabric to be secured. If the polyester resin is used, it is advised to also apply a laminating resin because it will help strengthen the bond even more.

The next step is to use methyl ethyl ketone peroxide to harden and strengthen polyester resins. And for the last step, the wax backer may now be removed and if there are imperfections in the exterior appearance of the fiberglass, these may be filled in with gel coat. If the texture of the repair is not satisfying, it may be sanded and polished.

The steps on how to repair fiberglass are easy. All we have to do is to purchase the materials needed in any hardware store and follow the abovementioned steps. A lot of time and effort may be needed, but being able to repair fiberglass is one satisfying accomplishment.